Inca’s Pachacamac Fieldschool

Taken from PUCP Field School Programs

The students will learn how to recover and analyze archaeological material, participating in the main stages of the investigation, from the excavation to the laboratory research.

The first stage will be conducted in the famous Inca oracle of Pachacamac, the most important sanctuary in the andean coast, situated in the Lurin Valley a few kilometers from the shoreline (Pacific ocean). The Lurin valley constitutes one of the main work areas of the Archaeological Program-Fieldschool “Pachacamac Valley”, a program that has been training archaeologists for the past 20 years. Pachacamac is the site where the first archaeological investigations in Peru had begun, archaeologists like Max Uhle, William D. Strong and Julio C. Tello excavated different of the principal structures. Our archaeological program is interest on retake the problem of the Inca presence in the sanctuary.

This year we will concentrate our research in the base of the Sun Pyramid, following the steps of the first researches done in the site. Here, the students will learn excavation techniques and the proper strategies to recover materials and data- from the field draw to the Total Station.

The second stage will be conducted in the laboratories of our program located in the Tablada de Lurin archaeological site. There we can find the proper space and materials to do the pottery analyzes, the digitalization of the field drawings and the processing of the entire data.